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Pea  Pisum sativum L.



(Mezza Rama)

“La Semiorto Sementi” did a great and efficacious selection, giving this variety incredible characteristics. As a matter of fact this variety shows a high uniformity and productivity, high quality pods and early crops. The plant is thriving, 70-80 cm tall and can be cultivated also with no supports. The pods are 12-13 cm long, large, uniform, smooth. They are slighty curved, bright green and contain 10-11 seeds. It well adapts to all types of environment. SOWING: it is done in autumns and in spring in rows at an interval of 60 cm and in a continuous line on the row.

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(Mezza Rama)

It is an early variety that needs supports. It is about 100 cm tall and it is particularly suggested for fresh consumption. Its pods are long, arched, light green and contain 8/10 round, smooth, very tender and sweet seeds.
SOWING: it is done from October to March in rows at an interval of 60 cm, and on a row in a continuous line.



A very fruitful climbing plant, it is 140-150 cm tall. It needs supports, such as poles and plastic nets. It is an early variety with round fruits in big, long, light green pods containing 10-11 round, smooth and very tasty fruits. 
SOWING: it is done in autumn and in spring  in rows at an interval of 80 cm and in a continuous line on the row, using about 15 Kg of seeds in a plot of land of 1000 sqm.

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