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Watermelon Citrullus Lanatus


Bud F1

It is a diploid hybrid (with seed)  crimson type. A very healthy and thriving plant, it has a high rate of fertility and fruit setting. Its fruits are oval, their medium weights is 10 Kg, its skin is thick and  with a  bright attractive colour. Its pulp is bright red, very crunchy and with a high rate of sugar. It adapts very well to several environmental and cultivation conditions.
Cycle: 85 days.
IR Fon: 1, 2 - Co:  1


Delis F1

Hybrid triploid watermelon (seedless); the fruits are round-oval like the Crimson type, having a very good taste and a pulp of great consistency and intense red colour. Its average weight is 8 Kg.
Cycle: 90 days.

IR Fon: 1, 2 - Co: 1


​Crimson Sweet

A middle to early variety (85 days). Suitable for long-distance transport. Oval-round fruit, average weight 10-12 Kg depending on the type of soil and cultivation. Light green skin with dark streak. Intense red coloured flesh, very sweet. Sowing: from March to May. 

IR Fon: 1 


Sugar Baby

This is a delicious, small fruited "icebox" melon developed specially for home gardens. Fruits grow to 8" (20 cm) across, and weigh about 10 lbs (4,5 Kg). The flesh is bright red, fine grained and very flavorful. Plants are small vines producing early enough for short season areas. Sowing: from March to May.

IR Fon: 1 - Co: 1


Scuisit F1

It is a diploid hybrid (with seed) and it has a very good production potential. The Crimson Sweet variety is long shaped with a very good sweet taste, a firm and crunchy consistency and a bright red colour. It weighs about 12 Kg.

IR Fon: 1, 2


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