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Asparagus Asparagus Officinalis


EC12 F1 (ex Early California)    

Hybrid with exceptional performance in arid and semi arid areas. Early California F1 produces on average 10 to 20 spears per plant with a spacing of cm 20x100 between rows. The quality of the spears by color, shape and size has no comparison. Sizes between the 30-35 gr. Produces much earlier than current varieties most well known and has excellent resistance to Sclerotinia and Latent Virus 2. 



A selected variety, tardive and of a purple colour.  It produces spears with a wide diameter, and with tasty shoots.  Medium productivity.  A quantity of 35 to 45,000 plants per hectare should be planted.


​UC 157 F1

Californian very early clone hybrid, regular and with an excellent presentation. The excellent quality spears are 16/18 mm calibre, with deep green bracts that highly adhere to the spear top. The variety is suitable for under-tunnel or greenhouse growing, for the production of green asparagus in Mediterranean areas, with a hot-dry climate, for the fresh market and for the industrial sector.

Sowing: in rows distant cm 150 one from the other, and 25-30 cm on thde row. As bigger is transplanting intensity, as smaller is the diameters of roots. This varity is very requested by professional growers

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