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Basil Ocimum Basilicum



genovese type

Medium-high plant with a nice erect and compact growth habit. Very leafy. The leaves are medium-sized, spoon-shaped and dark green. Sowing takes place throughout the year. It is particularly interesting for open field production.  It is also very suitable for cultivation in greenhouse or plots. Compared to the classic Genovese it shows a greater tolerance to Peronospora Belbahrii.



To be sown all year round: during winter under polythene "Tunnels", in spring/summer in open field. The leaves are dark violet, average size, slightly bubbly and very fragrant. 

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This  stands out from other varieties of basil because of its characteristic thin, smooth bright green leaves that are intensely scented. SOWING: in March in vases or seedbeds, outdoors in rows from April to August.




Basil is an aromatic plant that can be grown in pots or in the open soil. Annual herb widely cultivated for its characteristic aroma and used to flavour many dishes. This variety, well-known and appreciated, has medium-sized, bright green, spoon-shaped leaves with an intense but not minty perfume.



Riccio Napoletano

Napoletano type with large leaf, curled of bright green color. Plant medium height of good aspect.

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A small, compact plant which forms a large, closed sphere with a circumference of 50 – 60 cm. Its small, bright green coloured leaves are thin, smooth and have and intense aroma.
SOWING: the seeds can be sown all year round; in small “tunnels” during winter and in the field during spring-summer.


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VALENTINO  (Grandi Foglie Bollose)

Valentino basil is particularly appreciated for its compact growth, forming a small uniform bush and for its fine  large crinkly and drooping, bright green leaves. This variety has a strong aroma without mintiness. It is compact and vigorous in its growth.

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Gnometto is the dwarf basil (Genovese type) suitable for growing in pots. Plant dwarf compact, with short internodes, leaves of a beautiful medium green color, medium size.

Sowing is done throughout the year, although it‘s recommended for planting spring-summer cultivations.

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