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Artichoke Cynara Cardunculus L.


​Romolo F1

Hybrid of the romanesco type, medium late growing, high productive and uniform. It produces, green and violet, round-shaped artichokes without thorns best suitable for fresh use. Tender heart and sweet taste.

It is sowed in late spring to be harvested at the end of winter/early spring of the following year.


CO 17-047 F1

Hybrid of early medium cycle, blanca de tudela type very productive. Heards are green with an elongated conical shape and a tender and well-tightened heart.
It is well suited for industry processing artichoke hearts.


​Istar F1

Hybrid reflowering, high productive homogeneous in its heads. If heads are harvested during autumn-winter, they show a slightly violet shading off on the calyx (see attached). Variety without thorns, very early growth, it ripens much earlier than a normal variety of artichokes. It can be grown as an annual plant. Artichokes are round-shaped, perfect for fresh use. They get slowly open at advanced ripening stage. Very early growth: if seeded in late spring, it starts to produce  in November and continuing until following spring.


CS 12-179 F1

Half standing plant, leaf color average green. Main head: Medium-large size, round-shaped, violet with green shading off, without thorns. Precocity: Average - late growing



Hybrid of medium early cycle. Vigorous and very productive plant. Rounded flattened heads of bright green color very fleshy and tasty, can be used both for the fresh market and for the industry (artichoke bottoms) as they are very large, tender and tasty.

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