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Cauliflower Brassica Oleracea L. var. botrytis L.


N39 F1

A very versatile variety which adapts well to different environmental conditions. This compact, medium to fine grain white cauliflower head is well protected. The leaves are disease resistant. Harvesting begins after about  90-100 days. Compared to the Artemide, it harvests 10 days earlier and its leaves are more crinkled. Sowing July-August.


CF 919 F1

Short cycle hybrid suitable for autumn cultivation; the plant is erected with medium green leaves; the inflorescence is of medium-large size with a weight of about 1.8 kg and has a fine candid white texture partially covered by leaves; scalar maturity starting as early as 70 days after transplanting. Suitable for sowing between July-August and harvest for October-November.



Hybrid type of "Romanesco" which has good productivity. The corymb has the characteristic form "snail", is green, compact, medium sized and very smooth. It is sown in July-August for harvesting in November-December (autumn average).



Hybrid for medium cycle, excellent for autumn-winter crops. Vigorous plant with dark green leaves  produces large globe  heads, fine-grained, average weight of  1,5 Kg, well covered leaves. Maturity: gradual 100-110 days after transplanting. Ideal for sowing in July/August and harvesting in November/December.


RN 016 F1

Its resistance to winter colds means that this plant gives crops of excellent quality. Compact and bulky head that is snow white, bright and protected by large leaves. The plant is erect with good leaf coverage. Compact head and short stemmed. To be sown in July-August for harvesting in January-March.



Violet hybrid variety with a compact, uniform, round  head, fine grained, medium sized and medium-low covered. Medium-late variety, it is ideal for sowing in July/August and harvesting in November/December.



Hybrid type "Macerata" very smooth, grayish-green leaves, slightly bullate, medium large head, compact and green with medium reliefs. It is sown in July-August for harvesting in December, early January (early winter).

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