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Sprouting Broccoli Brassica Oleracea B. Cymosa


CB 1819 F1

Short cycle hybrid suitable for late summer-early autumn production; plant with semi-erect habit with bluish leaves and average height from the ground to the inflorescence of 30 cm; it has a very compact inflorescence, with a fine grain with a circular head shape and an average size of about 800 gr; it adapts very well to sowing in July and is harvested in October with a 60-day vegetative cycle from transplanting.



Very fine grained and resistant to cold.  Green Garden is a mid-cycle hybrid variety, maturing approximately 85 day after transplanting. This plant, easy to grow, is suitable for different climatic conditions. The head is of dark gray-green colour, compact, well shaped, 18-20 cm sized and about 400-500 gr in weight. It is suitable for both fresh market and for industry. It produces a large number of  tops that re-sprout when cutted. To be sowing in mid-July / early August for harvesting from mid November to January, or you can sow in October/November for spring harvesting. Suitable for long storage.



Plant of medium height, heavily branched. Each branch bears a medium-sized green head and average-sized jagged-edge leaves. Early variety with a gradual maturation. To be sowing in June-July for harvesting in November-December.  

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