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Cabbage  Brassica Oleracea Capitata Alba



Early maturity hybrid that produces very few secondary and a globe head of nice bright green color, very compact and it holds well split. Head medium large that if collected immediately weighs 800 gr to 1 kg to up to 1.5 to 2 kg if you procrastinate harvest. Excellent resistance to rot and Alternaria.

Sowing: very flexible sowing from late January to late August. The harvest is made after 50 days from transplant for Summer harvesting, and requires about 60 days from transplant for autumn and winter harvesting.



It is a variety  very suitable for mediterranean climate. It can be cultivated all year around and it matures about 70 days after transplanting. It produces a medium sized head, round and very compact.  



Long conical shape ox heart type.  Early variety: sowing in spring it matures after 50 days from transplant meanwhile in summer it matures after 60 days from the transplant. Very compact plant of medium green color, it produces cabbages weighing about 1-1.5 kg, with a tightened heart and very tender foliage. Rustic hybrid and tolerant to over-ripeness. Excellent resistance to Xcc (Xantomonas campestris or black rot). It is recommended to plant cm. 60-80 between rows and cm. 50 on the row.



Plant with a short, thin stem and few external leaves. Flattened round head of medium size, greenish-grey in colour. It is sown in July for harvesting in Autumn or you can sow from August to October for harvesting in late winter and spring. 


​NFK65 F1

Hybrid variety it can be recommended as an alternative to Precocissimo di Napoli. Very uniform, it matures about 60 days after transplanting. Medium-flat head of 1,6 Kg in weight but it can reach 2,5 Kg when grown under optimal conditions. It is suitable for summer / autumn sowing. It adapts well to high temperatures.



Medium-early variety that produces smooth and enveloping leaves of reddish color.
Medium-sized roundish ball, about 1.5-2 Kg, very tight, finely ribbed.

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