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Curly Kale  Brassica Oleracea L. Var. Acephala



Hardy plant,  cold resistant with large leaf blades, fleshy,  dark green and curled at the edges. Excellent for the preparation of soups. Sowing in May-July, the harvest can be done in stages from November to February, before seizing the central peaks,  then the side shoots and finally shoots.



A great selection from the Tuscan ecotype. It is also called Palmetto (Palm tree-like) or Penna (Feather) cabbage because the leaves remain constantly open and curve to form an arch. A hardy plant that grow to a height of 70-80 cm. Once cultivated both the large and small leaves (baby leaves) are used. The thick lanceolate leaves are dark green in colour and bubbled. They are great blanched or used in soups. Like all other leafy vegetables, the Black Tuscan Kale should be harvested towards the end of autumn after it has been touched by a frost which exalts its taste and nutritional properties. Sowing: from July to September.

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