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Savoy Cabbage  Brassica Oleracea Sabauda



Very early variety, it matures about 80-90 days after transplanting. This cabbage has an average weight of 1,5-2 Kg. Short stem and bullate and intense green leaves.

It is suitable for spring crops but it can be sown in summer for autumn harvesting. Be careful to transplant the strongest plants with a good sprout, putting them deeply in the ground.


CV 4214 F1

Medium early variety with a cycle of about 90 days from transplant. Plant with horizontal foliage of dark bluish color, large leaves with very strong bubbles; the shape of the head is circular with a beautiful covering between the leaves of medium-dark green color; inside it is very dense with a yellowish to white color. The marketable weight of the head is about 1.5 kg. It is suitable for sowing between July-August and harvest between November-December.

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