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Dwarf Been  Phaseulus Vulgaris



Extra thin bean with white grains. Dwarf plant with good leaf coverage, resistant to common bean diseases. It produces many pods, 14 cm long  and 7-8 mm in diameter, shiny dark green.
It is sown in open field from May to July. In protected environment you can also anticipate the sowing in late winter.



A variety of the latest generation, with high production capacity, ideal for spring sowing both under greenhouse and in open fields but also suitable for late sowing in August - September. Very resistant to common diseases. The dwarf plant stands upright (50-55 cm tall) with non-abundant leaves. The pods, extra-fine, about 15-16 cm long, 0,8 cm diameter, are very tender and have a bright green colour. The seeds are white, of small-calibre and do not become apparent on the surface of the pod, not even when ripe.



Medium early variety. medium-tall plant with good leaf coverage of high productivity.

Ideal for handpicking also if is well suited to mechanical harvest. Pods cylindrical elongated cm. 14-15 caliber 7-8 of a brilliant dark green color very much appreciated for consumption.

Great for summer harvest.




A middle-late variety that is suitable for the fresh market but is also widely used in the food industry. It can be grown in different environmental conditions, even in hot climates. The plant produces thin, smooth pods that are dark green and uniform and grow 13-14 cm long. Boston is very erect and robust plant and produces enormous quantities of long and tender pods. Sowing: Spring - Summer. It has a very long harvesting time.



A medium precocious variety, mangiatutto type exceptional for productivity and taste, as well as for the very tender texture of the pods. Dwarf plant with excellent resistance, good leaf coverage, from green cones, without strings, mangiatutto, wide, flattened, bright green colour. It is sown from March to August in rows at a distance of 40-50 cm. The amount of seeds needed is 85-100 kg/hectare. Harvesting is done in stages 70-80 days from sowing. 

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