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Endive  Cichorium Endivia Crispum



It  is appropriate  for  spring and autumn cultivations.  The head  is of medium size, but it is heavy.  It grows in a regular upright position, compact with  rather  frilly long leaves of a green color and an intense white heart. It easily whitens at ripening. Sowing: February-March for spring harvests, and in August-September for autumn harvests.



Siutable for summer and autumn cultivation. Variety with yellow self-blanching heart. Very large head, long mid-green leaves. Fleshy white ribs. The shape of the head facilitates tying up for more intense blanching . Very resistant  variety to low temperatures. Sowing: in rows from July to September.



Variety with fine and crisp leaves, uniformly green coloured. Compact head, easily blanched, with full, strong yellow heart. Suitable for autumn-winter crop. Sowing: from june onwards



Variety for  winter and growth and spring growth with excellent resistance to bolting that allows harvesting to be extended until April-May, when other  endive varieties are  not available on the market. Late endive variety with finely pointed leaves, external ones light green and inner ones forming a large, compact and very white heart. If cultivated carefully the head can reach a diameter of 45 cm. a few days before harvesting, tie up or cover for blanching. Sowing: from October to January.

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