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Indeterminate Tomato  Lycopersicon Esculentum


S. Marzano 2 type

True DNA  San Marzano (90gr). Indeterminate, vigorous and productive plant with a medium-early cycle suitable for open fields production. It is distinguished by a high resistance to pathogens, high and concentrated productivity, with uniform fruits of bright red color, little taproot, of exceptional taste. Excellent resistance to over-ripeness. Brix °5
It is suitable for the production of excellent peeled tomatoes.
IR Mi/Ma/Mj, For    

HR Va:0, Vd:0; Fol:0-1; TMV:0; ToMV:0-2


PO9461 F1 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

S. Marzano Giallo Type

The plant has an indeterminate development of medium vegetative vigor with short internodes. The hybrid lends itself well to cultivation in protected greenhouses but can also be grown outdoors. The numerous and elegant clusters have elongated fruits (120 gr) of yellow color. The tasty of the fruits is very pleasant.



Salad tomato, fairly early (80-85 days).
Robust plant with good leaf coverage.
Fruits of round globose shape, smooth, of a big size (180-200 gr), of excellent consistency and uniformity and of intense red color when ripe.


CAPRIROSE F1 (ex PO9145) 

Rosé round type of large size (300gr). The hybrid has an indeterminate habit, it is prepared for spring cultivation in greenhouses. The plant is robust, productive, and medium cycle. The fruits are consistent, they resist cracking and have an excellent taste. With very few seeds, rich in lycopene, with an unmistakable taste, much appreciated by consumers.
HR Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1




Selection of the typical Ligurian varieties.
Indeterminate and vigorous plant with an early cycle.
Homogeneous fruits (250-300 gr) ribbed heart-shaped, rose-colored, with thick flesh and unique flavor.



Salad variety, very early, suitable for greenhouse and open field crops. Very vigorous plant that produces large, flattened fruits, with an average weight of 200 gr, bright red, ribbed.
Flesh with good consistency and flavor.


PO9062 F1  (in corso d'iscrizione)
Piennolo Type

Vesuvian type but of larger size (50gr). Medium vigorous plant with medium cycle, very suitable for spring cultivation in greenhouses. The bunch is always presented with fruits of equal size and ripeness. The fruit is bright red, of good flavor and remains firmly attached to the bunch. Very productive.


PO9080 F1  (in corso d'iscrizione)

Vesuvian type of slightly smaller size (20gr). Highly vigorous plant with an early cycle and excellent resistance to pathogens. The bunch is elegant, short internodes and thick rachis. The fruits of a beautiful red color are also of a good taste. The hybrid is very productive, and is well suited for production in the greenhouse in spring. Brix °7,8
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For; TYLCV

HR TSWV; TMV:0; ToMV 0-2


MARZIANINO F1 (ex PO9135)  

(in corso d'iscrizione)

Indeterminate hybrid variety of medium cycle. The inflorescence in “herringbone” produces small elongated fruits of mini San Marzano shape. Suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. Brix °8,5

HR ToMV: 0-2; TSWV; Fol: 0, 1



Medium-cycle hybrid, indeterminate plant, ideal for production under green house, with elongated San Marzano type fruit of about 110 gr. Firm flesh. High and homogeneous fruits, good tolerance to apical rot. Brix 5.5 °.
R Ma - Mi;  

HR Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1


BHOMBER F1 (ex PO370) 

(in corso di iscrizione)

Indeterminate plant very vigorous and with high productivity. Average yield per plant Kg 5. Flexible fits well both in greenhouses and in open fields. Fruits of oval-elongated shape with an average weight of 110-130 g of a bright red color when ripe. Excellent both for the preparation of salads and sauces.

 HR Va: 0; Vd: 0; TMV:0;1, Mi/Ma/Mj



Tomato type is cluster red colour. The plant is indeterminate, medium vigor and it has a good foliage cover with short internodes. The fruit is smouth round, vivid red colour and weight net is 120-140 gr. Long Shelf Life. The flower setting is very good during the whole production. It’s very resistant to the cracking and excellent for shipping.
IR Mi; For  HR ToMV: 0-2;  Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1; Ff:A-E



Exceptional variety, suitable for fresh consumption.
Indeterminate plant that produces large fruits, round of pink color, almost seedless and not very juicy. The flesh is very consistent and has a pleasant flavor.


PO330 F1 (Cuorosa)

(in corso di iscrizione)
Pomodoro rosato a forma di cuore di pezzatura piccola 60 gr, molto produttivo e dal sapore particolare.
Pianta indeterminata molto resistente, ideale per produzioni sotto serra.

HR Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1


PO9387 F1 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

San Marzano type. Vigorous and highly resistant plant, medium-early cycle,  ideal for open field. The hybrid has a high productivity and fruit uniformity. It is indicated for the production of food preserves in general, but is particularly suitable for peeled tomatoes. Brix °6
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For 
HR Va:0, Vd:0; Fol:0-1; TMV:0; ToMV:0-2



Round cluster tomato. Early ripening hybrid with flattened, slightly smooth fruits. The distinctive features of this tomato are its colour, firmness, taste and transport resistance. It produces bright crimson fruits weighing 160-180 gr.
HR  ToMV: 0-2;  Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1


PO306 F1 (ex Etrusco) (in corso di iscrizione)

Tomato type is fresh market F1. The plant is indeterminate and early very productive. The fruit is round medium and weight net is 70-80 gr. It is excellent taste  consistent LS.L.  It’s very good to the cracking and for shipping.
HR  ToMV: 0-2;  Vd:0; Fol:0, 1



Medium-late variety. Indeterminate plant that is very robust and produces large friut shaped like a bull’s heart. Fleshy fruit that is almost seedless and is light red coloured. The use supports is advisable.



Rustic variety with indeterminate plant habit and basket shaped fruits characterized by green colour on the top which persists even when fully ripe, and due to the presence of small cracks just below the stem. The flesh is soft, firm, no water and few seeds; the peel is thin. The size is very variable: fruits weigh about 150-200 grs and can reach also 300 grs. Taste is sweet, due to its high sugar content and low acidity. It is excellent ripe in salads, thanks to the intense aroma, the strong taste and the consistency of the pulp, but it is also suitable for the preparation of fresh and processed sauces. 



Small fruits tomato type. The plant is indeterminate, medium vigor and it has a good foliage cover with short internodes. The fruit is small ovoid, vivid red colour and weight net is 20-30 gr. It is excellent taste Long Shelf Life. Suitable for fresh market and industry. It’s very resistant to the cracking and excellent for shipping.
HR  ToMV: 0-2;  Vd:0; Fol: 0, 1



A medium variety. A robust plant with covering foliage. The plant produces deep red bunches of roundish-shapes fruit with a drop-shaped protuberance at the base. The fruit is uniform in size and weighs approximately 25 gr. This variety is particularly popular for consuming plant fresh or for preserving for winter. It is tolerant to dry conditions and is resistant  to the most  common  plant diseases.


Piennolo Type

Vesuvian type (25gr). Very vigorous plant of medium cycle. The hybrid is very productive, it has beautiful bunches with intense and very consistent red fruits. It adapts very well to cultivation in the open field and greenhouse with transplanting late winter-early spring.  Brix °6
IR Mi/Ma/Mj, For  




Vigorous plant with well covering foliage. Cluster fruits, ovoid-elongated, of an intense red color, of uniform size of about 20 grams, with an exceptional flavor. Very resistant to dehydration and disease. Variety suitable for fresh consumption and winter preservation. It is very demanded by processing-industry for canning of the whole mature fruit, called “pomodorino” because it differs to the other varieties because it has a much lighter flesh and less woody skin.



Early undetermined variety, very productive, with round fruits with an average weight of 35 gr. It has an excellent flavour.  Brix °7
IR Ma - Mi  

HR Va: 0; Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1


PO9152 F1 (in corso d'iscrizione)

Inderterminate datterino type (15gr). Medium vigorous plant with early cycle.. The hybrid is suitable for spring cultivation in greenhouses. It presents a nice uniform bunch with fruits of the same size. The fruits are deep red and have an excellent sweet taste. Brix °7
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For; TYLCV  

HR TSWV; TMV:0; ToMV 0-2


PEARDROPS Piennolo Giallo

Variety of the Vesuvius type.Indeterminate plant of medium early cycle. Cluster fruits, medium-sized, about 25-30 gr, oval in shape with well-pronounced and yellow color. Suitable for growing in open fields.


PO9388 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

Mini-plum Type (20 gr). The plant with indeterminate growth has a good vegetative vigor, the internodes are short and the bunches are full and uniform. The oval-shaped fruits are consistent and have a beautiful yellow color.  The taste is exceptional, of the Brix degree is at the limit (12). It is suitable for greenhouse production.
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For    

HR Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2


PO1137 (in corso d'iscrizione) 
The real Corbarino

Classic Corbarino pear-shaped Type (20gr). Rustic, vigorous, medium cycle plant to be grown in the open field. The variety is very productive, it has beautiful bright red fruits especially if grown. The taste is unmistakable, therefore it is an elite product for the tomato industry.



PO9904 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

Optima type

Type Large smooth round (300 gr). The indeterminate growth plant has an excellent vegetative vigor and resistance to pathogens. The harvest is carried out both with ripe fruit and with ripe fruit. The ripe fruit is bright red in color and has an excellent shelf life. Suitable for greenhouse productions with spring and autumn transplants.


HR Va:0, Vd:0; Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2; TSWV


PO9233 F1 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

Sir Elyan type. The hybrid is of indeterminate growth, so it adapts well to the greenhouse production. The plant is vigorous, productive, has short internodes and uniform clusters. The oval-elongated fruits (120 gr) have a very attractive appearance, the flesh is very thick and of excellent taste. The hybrid is intended for fresh market. Brix °5
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For  

HR Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2


PO9263 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

The plant has an indeterminate habit, with excellent vegetative vigor and short internodes. The Hybrid lends itself well to greenhouse production, in fact it is destined for the fresh market. The fruits of oblong shape (110 gr), have a high consistency in post-harvest and are distinguished by their excellent flavor, unique in their category.  Brix °5
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For  

HR Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2


PO9365 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

Crovarese type (20 gr). Vigorous and productive hybrid, with high resistance to pathogens. The bunches are elegant with a thick and short rachis, the oval fruits have a sweet-and-sour taste. It adapts very well to early greenhouse production. Brix °8

IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For 
HR Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2; TSWV


PO9392 (in corso d'iscrizione) 

Early variety, very vigorous and highly resistant to pathogens. It produces an infinite number of very long bunches with small fruits (20g). of a beautiful attractive red colour. The sweet taste is unmistakable. The hybrid is suitable for early transplants in greenhouses. Brix °9
IR Mi/Ma/Mj; For; TYLCV  

HR Fol:0-1; ToMV:0-2; TSWV

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