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Semi-Determinate Tomato  Lycopersicon Esculentum



Medium early hybrid. Plant high productivity semi-determine very vigorous and well covering foliage. Concentrated production, is well suited for both manual and mechanical harvesting. Fruits of high hardness of elongated shape cm 10x5 of the average weight of  90-100 gr green average maturity turn a bright red color. Ideal for the fresh market, salad. 
HR  ToMV: 0-2;  Vd:0; Fol:0, 1



Hybrid pear-shaped type. Semi-determinate and vigorous plant, with maturaty in different steps, which ensures high productivity. The fruit of lemon yellow color is of elongated shape and very uniform. Size medium large about 100-110 gr. weight. Suitable for fresh consumption but is also used for the production of tomatoes and / or preserved. Excellent LSL in post-harvest. 
HR  Vd: 0; Fol: 0, 1



Semi-Determinate, very productive hybrid, suitable both for greenhouse and open field cultivations. Dallas produces very tasty, uniform and smooth round fruits of about 200-300 gr. 
IR Ma - Mi    HR  Vd:0; Fol:0, 1

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