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R & D

Center for Research and Development

Continuous investments in Research and Development allow us to introduce you, in our catalogue, an high range of elevated quality varieties, with an  excellent nutritional value, Mediterranean flavor,  good organoleptic characteristics and an high resistance to diseases.
Our Research and Development Centre, in the beginning,  began a genetic improvement work, starting from the existing material of our germoplasm bank, which included all the varieties, lines, ecotypes and populations collected and preserved up until then, and now it is in full swing. 

 A team of young researchers, “Italian breeder”, carry on processes of selection, improvement and maintenance of new varieties, which are sized up both in the company fields and in international agricultural firms, in order to ensure a good quality seed according to the market and, above all, the farmer needs. Our Research and Development Centre takes advantage of Universities and national and international Research Institutes support.
Top Seed is a mix of tradition and innovation, it is always searching for something new, but without forgetting its roots, which made this company appreciated all over the world. A company, where professionalism, reliability and quality are the key points of its success.

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